Chronicle of events

1.2008 Passed ISO9001:2008

2. 2011 Got the certification of Tianjin Small and medium technology enterprise

3. October 2013,Anka company moved to Tianjin beichen technical zone(state class technical zone)

from xiaodian industrial zone of beichen, Tianjin

4.Dec. 2013,Foreign investment company changed to private company

5. June 2014,Obtained the national special project approval。

6. In 2014, the company received a subsidy of 300,000 yuan for headrest project, and the

government provided an interest-free loan of 400,000 yuan

7. Oct. 2014,Start to transfer Ts16949 system

8. At the begging of 2015, anka began to prepare for the certification of TS16949. In May 2015,

onsite audit was conducted and passed

9. Sep.24,2015 Listed on tianjin new third board, received 1.8 million yuan of government

subsidies (600,000 yuan of actual subsidies)

10. Feb. 2015 applyed for provincial high-tech enterprises

11. Jun.2016 Obtained the tianjin patent pilot unit

12. Oct. 2016 obtained provincial high-tech enterprises, and at the same time the national

high-tech enterprises declaration

13. Nov. 2016 applied for 5 inventions and 6 utility model patents

14. March 2017 Upgrade the equipment and introduce 4 Engel high speed injection molding

machines (injection speed 1000)

15. May 2017 Anka company to carry out environmental transformation, equipment upgrade

16. Dec.2017 Anka company obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate

17. Dec.20,2017 Through environmental assessment, anka company fully implements the

requirements of environmental impact assessment report, strictly implements relevant environmental

protection laws and regulations, improves the environmental management ledger system, normally operates

pollutant treatment facilities, and ensures that all kinds of pollutants meet the discharge standards

18. Jan. 15,2018, Lishen battery co., ltd. came to our company for supplier audit, and entered the supply

chain system of lishen company in February of the same year, and obtained Grade C supplier qualification.

19. March 15,2018 Generally it takes 20 days to repair the molds, but only 15 days for the inventory.

Anka company made a decision, the whole team assisted the Lishen company to make the molds in 5 and

a half days.

20. April 2018, Anka company upgrades from grade C supplier qualification to grade A supplier. in general ,

this process requires more than half a year of stable supply qualification before the review and upgrade.

21. March 2018 Anka company receives 300,000 yuan of government subsidies (national high-tech subsidies)

22. May 2018 Anka received a subsidy of 80,000 yuan for the provincial patent pilot unit Oct.2018

Anka company passed the discharge project acceptance of the water separation


1. 1.2008年通过了ISO 9001 2008版 国际品质认证。










11.2016年6月 获得天津市专利试点单位  


13.2016年11月 进行5项发明、六项实用新型专利申报。

14.2017年3月进行设备升级,引进4台 Engel高速注塑机(射速1000)。

15.2017年5月      安卡公司进行环保改造,设备升级。

16.2017年12月   安卡公司获得国家高新企业证书 。

17.2017年12月20日    安卡公司通过环境 评估,全面落实现状环境影响评估 报告要求,

严格执行有关环保法律法规,完善环境管理台账制度,正常运行污染物治理设施,确保各类 污染物达标排放。


获得C级供应商资质 。





21.2018年3月  安卡公司获得30万政府补贴,(国家高新补贴)

22.2018年 5月 安卡获得省级专利试点单位补贴8万元。

23.2018年10   安卡公司通过水务分离的排放工程验收。